About us

Lemon Interior Design

Lemon Interior Design is a company specialized on the management of interior design & furniture projects for real estate developers and for owners of apartments/houses.

We cooperate with a network of talented architects, artists and designers for our various projects under execution.

Always close to our clients needs and with great attention to detail and cost optimization, Lemon tries every year to innovate and bring new possibilities to find each client’s comfort and character in the interior design of each home.

The company is up to date with international trends in interior design, being pioneers on this market in Romania. Since 2004 on the market, with a young and dynamic team, the company combines utility with superb design, resulting tens of designed residences and satisfied clients.

Lemon Interior Design is the winner of the international award for „Best design for a living space in Romania in 2014” at Elle Decoration Design Awards gala and Visionary Design 2015 at CasaLux Awards gala.