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  • Texture
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  • Mosaic
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  • Revolutionary
  • Bespoke
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Our portfolio speaks for itselF

Lemon Interior Design is a multi-award winning interior design company based in Bucharest, Romania. With a history from 2008 we provide a wide range of services on residential sectors. Since then Lemon have grown from a small sized studio to be a market leading design consultancy. Our performance made us to get a step forward focusing also on office and commercial areas, creating a new division to deliver the best fit-out services on the market. Our team coordinates all the projects with the priority of delivering the project on time, within budget and in accordance with the client’s approvals.

beautiful interiors

The principle behind us is to enhance the conscious living through original design and the smooth feeling of flexibility, durability and quality. Embedding a passionate interest for details, we are creating a bespoke design for every client’s individuality, analyzing the context of space, social engagement and human behavior. Since 2004, we’ve reached a stunning number of residential projects, defining our aim to shape the best comfort for this environment.

Our team of designers and architects is always looking for innovating the traditional conceptions of designing, reshaping the client’s perspective in a vibrant space of living.

Awards winning company

Lemon Interior Design is the winner of European Property Awards 2019 for “Best Bathroom Design for Romania with Skyline”, “Best Interior Design Apartment for Romania with Lake Loft” and “Best Interior Design Private Residence for Romania with Private Residence One”. Proudly we won in 2015 the “Visionary Design” at Casa Lux Awards Gala and the “Best Design for a Living Space” in 2014 at Elle Decoration Design Awards Gala .

Those awards brings for Lemon Interior Design a grateful approach of constantly moving forward and keeping the limits above the high standards.

Art in action.

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We love what we do

“Lemon Interior Design is more than a job for us, it is a lifestyle. We are glad that our efforts are appreciated, especially since the design is a delicate work, which requires imagination, but also one in which you must prove to be a strict organizer and a fine psychologist”

Cristina Capitanu

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