A team of experts

The principle behind us is to enhance the conscious living through original design and the smooth feeling of flexibility, durability and quality. Embedding a passionate interest for details, we are creating a bespoke design for every client’s individuality, analyzing the context of space, social engagement and human behavior. Since 2004, we’ve reached a stunning number of residential projects, defining our aim to reshape the concept of opulence in a soft way of expressing personality. The future and actual project are focusing on corporate area and we intend to recreate a new concept of comfort for your working place.

Lemon Interior Design was founded in 2004 and is leaded, with a stunning story behind, by Cristina Capitanu and Elena Oancea

“Lemon Interior Design is more than a job for us, it is a lifestyle. We are glad that our efforts are appreciated, especially since the design is a delicate work, which requires imagination, but also one in which you must prove to be a strict organizer and a fine psychologist”

Cristina Capitanu
“We do our job with a lot of passion, dedication, enthusiasm, and we aim not to deviate from the principles that guide us daily in the office: quality, originality, sustainable services, for our clients. Every successful project, every happy and satisfied client, every appreciation or award represents for us the confirmation that we must go on this road”
Elena Oancea

Our young designers and architects comes with a valuable background of practicing their creativity and capacity of transposing the human’s individuality in our projects.They are always looking for innovating the traditional concept of designing, drawing the client’s perspective in a vibrant space of living.

We are more than designers, we are visionaries.